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Here at Guru’z Web Design and Marketing we provide our client base with fully responsive online platforms that not just meet their business needs but also to allow them to expand into area’s which they never knew they could.

Brand Identity
Marketing Solutions

Our team boasts a wide range of skills including Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphic Design and Social Media Management.

About Us

Guru'z is a collection of experts with an established reputation for increasing customer sales through effective, compelling design and marketing. We code, design, write, optimize and promote for a living.

Creating Brands

Here at Guru’z we when we create a brand we don’t just create you a business logo or your business website. NO we put the tools in place that allow you to give your brand a voice and engage with your customers and your target market. First we create the vision, then we create the reach.

It's What We Do

The hardest part to any business is creating the brand, a brand is not just your business name, your brand is your Identity. It’s what makes you instantly recognizable or instantly remembered. Here at Guru’z we understand this is key factor to your online and off-line success.

It's Your Brand

Your brand is your attitude, your colors, your fonts, your brand is you and your brand is your target market. Once we have all this blended together the end result will be a brand that reflects you as a business, a brand which your target market can feel at ease engaging with.

We work closely with you to understand your brand and your market, we help you reach that market and grow that market.

Latest Brands

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